What Is Giclee Printing?

Giclee printing is essentially digital inkjet printing – using high quality pigment inks on archival grade paper. Giclee printing has quickly become a convenient method for image makers to produce museum quality prints of their work on demand.
The latest pigment inks and substrates have vastly extended the longevity of giclee prints allowing them to become art objects in their own right, even making them collectable for museums and galleries.
An advantage that giclee printing offers to artists and publishers is that an edition of work can be printed on demand. Giclee prints are recorded and stored as digital files and can be reproduced as and when required – allowing artists and photographers to print one offs, or editions of hundreds.
Prints will be exactly the same at the start and end of a print run – even if the run is interrupted and printed on different occasions. This means that the high cost and risk of producing a complete print edition all at once is avoided.
The Giclee Service prints giclees and photos using the very best inks, papers and equipment.